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Student of the Quarter

Student of the Quarter is the highest honor teachers can give to students. The traits demonstrated by the recipients speak to their character not only students but also as classmates and peers. We believe the qualities these students possess to be the cornerstones for successful, productive and engaged citizens and, although it’s not a “Citizenship Award” in name, it is exactly that in nature.

Every quarter each team of teachers looks through the class rosters and, by the end of the process, have selected 4-5 students. The students who are nominated must be unanimously agreed upon by their teachers in order to receive the award. There are dozens of students who are considered eligible each quarter, and it can be quite difficult to narrow the list down to a small handful. We recognize that this is a wonderful “problem” to have and are truly proud of how many upstanding NSJH students exhibit these reputable traits.

The students selected for quarters 1-3 are invited to a breakfast recognition ceremony with their families where they receive a certificate and are photographed for the North Scott Press.

To be considered for the honor, students must routinely display the following characteristics:

  • Hard Work
  • Focused Effort
  • Respectful Behavior