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Behavior Philosophy

All students at North Scott Junior High School are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. Discipline is important to our daily environment to insure the safety, teaching, learning, and daily operation of our school. It is the goal of the faculty and staff to have students control their own behavior in order to become self-disciplined individuals. North Scott Junior High School uses the foundations of the Boys Town Education Model, a set of teaching techniques we use to teach children new skills, self-empowerment, and how to build relationships to help ensure a safer and more effective school.

NSJH Social Skills

Following Instructions
  • Look at the person
  • Say "okay"
  • Do what you've been told right away
Accepting Criticism & Consequences
  • Look at the person
  • Say "okay"
  • Do what you've been told right away
Being on Time
  • Know what time class starts
  • Plan your passing time
  • Have appropriate materials
  • Be seated
Disagreeing Appropriately
  • Always wait for the appropriate time when disagreeing
  • Look at the person
  • Use a calm voice
  • Say, "I understand how you feel"
  • Explain why you disagree
  • Listen to the other person
Communicating Appropriately
  • Look and listen to the person
  • Use a calm voice
  • Use appropriate language
  • Wait your turn - don't interrupt
NSJH is a Bully-Free Zone

We will NOT bully others.
We will help students who are bullied.
We will include students who are left out.
When we know somebody is being bullied,
we will tell an adult at home and at school.