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Sporting Event Guidelines

Be a Lancer fan by coming to the events and supporting your teams. Student sections are set up for football and events in the gym. North Scott JR. High School is always interested in improving and promoting sportsmanship at our athletic events. With this in mind, these guidelines are to be followed:

  • Students will not yell or chant derogatory or profane statements at our opponents or officials. Show them respect at all times.
  • Students who display inappropriate sportsmanship at events will be removed from that event and will not be allowed to attend any events for the remainder of that sport season and possibly for the rest of the school year.
  • No seating will be permitted in the first row of the pit for spectators. Students are to limit their movement out of the seating sections to half time and between games.
  • The playing floor is reserved for the team, officials, and cheerleaders. Students are to stay off this area during the ball game or match. We ask that students not come down on the floor to do stunts (like forming pyramids) due to the liability factor and the chance of injury. We are concerned about the safety of our students.
  • Do not throw money or other items on the playing area that may cause injury to our players. Recognize and appreciate skill in performance regardless of affiliation.
  • Booing is not appropriate at sporting events.
  • Per conference and state guidelines, all banners and signs cannot be displayed. Artificial noisemakers are not allowed.
  • If you leave the stadium or building, you may not re-enter.

With the above guidelines in mind, all students are encouraged to attend and enjoy our athletic events. We want our students to have a positive attitude and show their spirit, but like our participants, the spectators must stay within the boundaries and show responsible behavior.